Jewellery has been worn by women as a main way of looking beautiful.
Jewellery or jewelry?
October 4, 2018 Azurechic
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Jewellery or jewelry?

Jewellery or jewelry in American English consists of decorative items worn for personal adornment, such as necklaces earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings or cufflinks. Jewellery may be attached either to a part of the body or the clothes. Jewellery can be made from a diverse range of materials and can have different shapes and textures.

You never really know a woman before you see her jewellery

All over the world, women are wearing an ample variety of jewellery. Whether it is about necklaces, bracelets or earrings, jewellery is extremely popular. So why do so many women choose to wear jewellery on daily basis? And why do these accessories have such an enormous impact on the way they look and feel?

The fact is that jewellery has always been an important part of human cultures, serving several purposes that are deeply significant to each of us.

Accessories such as jewellery are often the “cherry on top” to an overall outfit or look. A successful outfit isn’t truly complete without the right accessories, jewellery. A “classic” or “chic” look for example absolutely requires diamonds and pearls in order to be considered whole.

Even if one isn’t attempting to convey a particular style, accessories are still a great choice for expression.

Jewellery has been around since ever

The great importance of jewellery in women’s life may be explained by the fact that women love jewellery since ages. So it’s something they have inherited…it’s like without jewellery there’s something major missing.

Jewellery is an important ornament for all special occasions a woman goes through in life. For example like wedding, anniversary, birthday party, the birth of the first child (in some places women receive jewellery from their husband to mark the special event). So, if women didn’t wear jewellery on such special occasions, it would be at least odd, don’t you agree? Jewellery gives women a gorgeous and feminine look. It also brings out more confidence, style and beauty.

It’s all about variety

Jewellery is also one of the best and expensive gifts that a husband can offer to his wife. There is great variety of different jewellery a man can choose from. And it all very much depends on the event he wants to present himself with the gift and on the style he wants to go for. Of course the amount of money he is willing to pay is also important. Jewellery can be made from expensive as well as from cheap materials, so it’s really up to you…

Diamond and platinum is the most expensive one while silver is quite affordable to anyone, while gold is the jewellery used by nearly everyone.

Jewellery however is not only served for decoration, as it also represents the best investment one can make in his/her life; it serves as best safety in time of emergency as well.

Traditionally, jewellery represents a symbol of wealth, prestige and power.

Jewellery has the ability to highlight women’s personality and bring out the best features when wearing the right jewellery for the right occasion. However, overdoing it by wearing too much jewellery can ruin a perfect outfit.

So, jewellery has a great importance in women’s life because it can make a woman feel special, stylish and beautiful. Isn’t this what it means to be a woman after all?