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Basic Care

Protect your jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and sunlight.
Put your jewelry on after cleaning, washing and applying any makeup, hair spray, or perfume.
A good rule of thumb is that jewelry should be the last thing to put on when getting dressed and the first thing to take off when you get home.

For a lifetime of shine, treat all Azure Chic jewelry like the fine jewelry that it is.

Cleaning Tips

Basic Cleaning

Cleaning your jewelry with a soft micro-fiber cloth after use is the simplest way to keep your jewelry sparkling.  You can even dampen the cloth with a little warm water before wiping the jewelry.  Do not use a silver polishing cloth, as it contains chemicals that can damage the rhodium plating.

Deep Cleaning

For removing skin oils and grime, use lukewarm water with a non-moisturizing soap or mild dishwashing liquid. Soak the piece in a bowl of warm soap water for about 5 to 10 minutes.  Using a soft-bristled tooth brush, a soft facial brush, or a cosmetic brush, gently scrub the jewelry and rinse it in clean water.  Pat dry with a soft micro-fiber cloth.


Do not use a harsh compound polish on any Azure Chic pieces.  The harsh compounds in a silver polishing cloth can damage the brilliant rhodium plating of the jewelry.  Additionally, keep your pieces away from inks, hair sprays, perfumes, nail polish removers, and areas with chlorine, such as pools, hot tubs, and spas.

Special Care

Seashell Pearls

Seashell Pearls are soft and delicate, and care should be taken to maintain their luster and sheen.  Avoid wearing pearl rings and bracelets when performing manual tasks, to avoid scratching and scuffing the pearls.  Pearls are particularly subject to deterioration from contact with chemicals, so take great care to avoid contact with household cleaners, detergents, perfumes, lotions, cosmetics, chlorine, and hair products. 


Store your jewelry in a dry place where it is not exposed to direct sunlight or to extreme temperature changes.  Store your pieces separately so that they cannot scratch each other.  We recommend keeping each piece in a separate plastic polybag whenever you are not wearing it. 

When traveling, take extra precautions to protect your jewelry in a small pouch or jewelry bag so that it does not get scratched or jostled. 


We take pride in our uncompromising standards of high quality and extensive QC checks throughout our manufacturing process.  All Azure Chic merchandise is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for one year from the date of purchase.  If you have any questions regarding a piece outside of normal jewelry wear and tear, please contact us.

Enjoy Your Jewelry!

Of all the tips we have to offer, this is by far the most important.  Whether your jewelry is a special reminder of a cherished memory or a unique expression of your personal style, these tips can help you make the most of your jewelry.

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