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Promise Pendants
May 8, 2019 Azurechic
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Promise Pendants

A promise pendant is quite a popular piece of jewellery, usually created with a geometric shape that offers a lasting meaning: infinity and eternity. It is a symbol of loyalty and commitment in a romantic partnership and the promise pendant on a necklace makes the perfect gift for those who are ready to make a commitment in a relationship. It can also be purchased in pairs; in which case, the pendants for each partner fit together seamlessly, and are worn separately to represent half of the whole partnership.

A common shape that is found in the promise pendant is a symbol that represents infinity, which resembles the number eight (8) in an elongated, oval form. Sometimes referred to as the lemniscate, this symbol is commonly used in mathematics and was introduced to represent infinity in this context in 1655. The figure-eight shape is globally known to represent infinity in other contexts of life as well, and is commonly used to refer to the eternity of friendship, romantic love and  family connection.

Though a promise pendant can be found in many different shapes, a common symbol that is used for these pendants is the endless knot, sometimes known as the eternal knot. This geometric shape represents a knot that goes on forever, and is one that is rich in history. As one of the Eight Auspicious Signs, the endless knot has many historic references used in a number of Indian religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. The geometric shape that forms the endless knot can also be commonly seen in Chinese art, and is representative of eternal love and friendship, as well as the interweaving of the spiritual path, the movement of time, and all that is eternal.

A promise pendant necklace represents commitment in a relationship, and is commonly found in forms of sterling silver, yellow gold or white gold. Sometimes, promise pendants include the use of cubic zirconia, diamonds and other, coloured gemstones. The promise pendant in each of its many shapes, sizes, and designs will evoke a sense of security, future promise, and commitment in the heart of the beholder, as well as the heart of the one who is giving it.

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  1. Marios 2 years ago

    Got my girlfriends the Guardian Heart for Valentines day. Needless to say..she loved it! Very good quality, great value for money!

  2. Nicholas 1 year ago

    There are so many options it’s actually difficult to choose. I finally went with the heartbeat necklace, it arrived with excellent packaging in 4 days.

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